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How Much Does A House Extension Cost?

by Lisa Raynes

20/03/2021, in Design Hints and Tips | Main Blog

At Pride Road, we are as transparent about costing as possible. From the get go we talk about your budget, tell you what our fees are and estimate the cost of the project. Since our commission doesn’t really change depending on the size of the project, we have no incentive to increase the size of the project; we only want to help you to create the home that’s perfect for you.

Our Costs

planning permission
  • A one hour initial consultation: free. This is a great, low commitment way to see if or how we can help you. We aim to give you an honest and objective assessment as to whether your project is viable.
  • Concept Design Workshop: £300 for 2 hours, £450 for 3 hours. During an online concept design workshop we will draw out the possible options in front of you, while discussing their pros and cons in real time. Whether you just want to find out more, or have built a model of your dream house, (like our client John), our process is perfect for exploring your options with little commitment early on. This is a small, but great value investment in your entire project.

Here are the initial stages in more detail.

Construction Costs

A pervasive question is whether or not to extend. While negotiating with neighbours and getting planning permission can often be difficult, builders say that people often underestimate the structural costs of internal reconfigurations.

Here are our ballpark figures for the costs of projects performed in 2021 on typical 1930s, 3 bedroom, semi-detached houses. Even we couldn’t agree on ballpark figures because of the wide variety of projects that we see, so take these averages with a mountain of salt!

  • Single storey extension: from £50,000.
  • Two storey extension: from £100,000.
  • Remodel: from £20,000.

These are exclusive of VAT and fees.

Don’t Despair!

Because of these high costs, we are always looking for easy wins during consultations and workshops. For example, Magda always tries to understand why the client wants what they want so she can find the cheapest and easiest way to achieve that; a client who initially wanted a second storey extension actually just wanted an office with a view, so just moving her rooms around was enough to achieve her dream home!